Post the Twenty Second and a Half “The Gastroenteritis of the Baskervilles”

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? -S. Holmes “A Study In Scarlet”

Just a quick post while I recover;

I got food poisoning yesterday. Nothing major, happens to everyone. But, what I always find funny about it; while you’re trying to forget that there’s a life outside of the 15 layers of blankets that are currently on you, there’s always some well meaning whackadoo that attempts to figure out just what was it that gave you the food poisoning. Junior Sherlock invariably by reason of deduction says “well, it surely can’t be the fish casserole  because Becky and the kids had it and they’re fine” Really? So, lets see if I have this right; the fish casserole is safe because Becky and the kids ate it and didn’t get sick. So using that logic Russian Roulette is safe because Becky and the Kids pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t go off, must be safe right??

Listen, I’m just as guilty when it comes to this, I used all of my waking moments yesterday that weren’t spent praying to the porcelain god, trying to figure out just what retched foodstuff did this to me. Because of course I was never gonna eat whatever it was ever again! What bullshit! The reality is I’ll never know what got me. And I’m not gonna stop eating either!



2 thoughts on “Post the Twenty Second and a Half “The Gastroenteritis of the Baskervilles”

    • This one was super sucky! At one point I had a t-shirt, sweater (not the U.G.S.), a blanket, and another blanket on me while mumbling in my sleep!

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