Post the Twenty-Ninth “the Service of Terms”

This blog is called “Corey’s Views”. It is not “Corey Speaks Nicely of Others”, “Corey’s Refreshing Words of Niceties”, or “Corey’s Brotherhood of Well Intentioned Random Acts of Kindness” . It’s “Corey’s Views”.

Use of Title

I used this title so I can be me, with all of my flaws presented as they are in real life. I’m opinionated, crass, rude. I curse when I damn well feel like it, and I may (probably) hold substantially different political, social, and religious  views than you. I habitually embarrass my family, friends, and any of those less fortunate to be around me in public, I see no reason to neuter this behavior online.


I try to not use obfuscatory language on the blog. I will not for instance say “developmentally challenged” when I mean “retarded”. I will not say a “less than pleasant person” when I mean “fucking asshole”, unless its funnier the other way around!  I do not like soft language in real life and I will not use it here.


There are no topics that I feel are off limits. If I believe I can get a thousand words or so out of the mechanics of going to the bathroom, I’m going to write about it, badly. If you have the misfortune of being related to me or thinking on me as a friend, you’re going to find a story on here about you. I may, depending on my mood, alter your name and description as such to render them unrecognizable, maybe. The caveat here is that if you’ve wronged me, please understand: I remember every instance of insult, and my memory is extraordinarily long and vivid.  You do not receive the benefit of a fictitious name or identity…. because fuck you!, thats why!

That said, I try always to write about things that interest me. Things that have happened to me. Things that I think you will find interesting. Of course I can write pansy shit about how beautiful life is and so full of wonder, but thats not my bag, unless it is.

the Positive and the Negative

Please don’t get me wrong, positivism is a great thing. I enjoy immensely going on other’s blogs and seeing shiny happy people discuss uplifting thoughts and ideas. Just don’t expect that shit here.

Acts of Humanity 

I will from time to time express my love for my family, especially my kids. Why? Why not?! I love them, I’m proud of them, and ultimately they will be picking out my rest home in forty some years, it can’t hurt to emotionally manipulate them into nicer digs, can it?

Promotional Material

I will shamelessly promote my wife’s blog, because its a good read, but, mostly because the couch sucks! I have other friends that blog, they will get promoted with the same degree of abandon, provided they pay me!

Political Animals

I am mostly Libertarian with regards to politics. Though, I really shouldn’t identify myself fully with any movement or party. I don’t really care what your politics are.  I’m married to a former Communist and can assure you that President Obama is no such thing. Oh, he’s an assmunch alright, progressive democrat? Most likely. Communist twinkle toed mother fucker, probably not. I do not like the silly shit that I hear going around the Interwebs about how the USA was created as a Christians only club, and I will call out your exclusionary ass every time I hear such nonsense. If you believe that the Democrats are ruining this country you are correct as long as you remember that so are the Republicans, and whatever that Tea-Bag-Party stupidity was.

The Gays and their Fucking Rights

A close friend of mine caught the Ghey some years ago. I understand its not curable…As near as I can tell he’s still human. Though, should you get the two of us together and add alcohol you will quickly want to run in the opposite direction as the venom that will spill forth will only serve to entertain our narcissistic tendencies. I do not understand, at all, why he has the need to defend his rights or have to ask for any more rights. I think as Americans we should all stand ashamed that we have curtailed his right to pursue happiness in any way. No, I’m sorry Fundies, property rights are not the same as marriage and you know that, which is why your stupid argument is invalid. We all have a very short time here on Earth, a little happiness can’t possibly be against church doctrine can it?

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

All the stories, posts, thoughts, and anything I’ve written about are either the events as I remember them or a fair representation of how I felt at the time. If you are in disagreement with my memory or do not like the way I’ve recorded them for posterity, then please recall the name of the site is “Corey’s Views”. I strive for excellence in writing, but I’m good with getting a cheap laugh at mine or your expense.


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