Post the Twenty-Fourth “Where I alienate every single one of my readers”

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. -Benjamin Disraeli 

A quick rant of troubling things;

We live in a United States that has been at war for a decade now. There seems to be no end and we aren’t winning. Didn’t the hippies protest against this very act? What about Gen X? Where are we with all this? Too busy reminiscing over our first Nintendo to pay attention. Generation Y (the Millennials) I’m not even sure they’re aware that war isn’t played on widescreens and developed by Infinity Ward.

My Generation, X, and the younger Generation Y finds that before, during, and after the recession the hippies who up to now have been so anti Establishment  are in fact the Establishment and aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. Thanks. We appreciate you dinosaurs clinging on to the workplace so long that we’ll be on Medicare before we get ahead of you! That said, we’re not hot on all that work stuff anyway. There must be a way to automate your tasks or off shore them to India so we can bitch about the shitty support your dino company gave us!

For the first time in the history of the United States we’re doing worse as a generation than you did. Not your fault that you find it difficult to retire with the BMW, Lexus, 4000 sqft. House, the condo in Florida, and the goddamn time share to pay for.

Speaking of Medicare, we’ve been putting money in, but thanks to you, the “me” generation, we’re not gonna see a dime. That’s ok, because fortunately the Millennials have been reproducing like rabbits at the age of 15 so there will be plenty of laborers when we get to the indignant hospital for Generation X.

While the hippies were busy telling everyone how wonderful free love was those very same idiots allowed the erosion of rights during the Bush, Clinton, Bush II administrations. Hypocrites.

You know who is above reproach here?  The Greatest Generation. That’s right, the same generation that fought Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. They were the epitome of great….except for one thing, they produced the fucking Hippies.

But, back to bashing the hippies for a bit more: Would you mind explaining to us in X, and Y, why in God’s name you lied to every single one of us from day one that we’re “special”?  From Fred Rogers to Sesame Street to Free to Be, You and Me, Kindergarten and many many ABC After School Specials, you fuckers fed us a line of absolute abject bullshit! Its no wonder why most of us don’t produce, its not “special” enough! Let me tell you, you asses did us no fucking favors in that department. Oh, sure, we’re all special and unique in every way. Yeah, because holding down a mortgage for a house we can’t afford, working a dead end middle level job coz you fuckwits won’t retire, and raising our kids make us special and unique ……..just like everyone else!

This isn’t to say we’re not a bunch of fucking looser’s as well. We are. No doubt. We don’t work, and when we do we feel entitled.  But again, of course we do, “we’re special”!

Today, I’ve been watching some silly shit unfold on Facebook and I gotta say I’m totally dumbfounded by just exactly how ignorant we are as American’s. People have been changing their profile pictures to some kind of graphic to show support for Gay marriage. Now, jokes aside that marriage isn’t gay, why is it exactly this is happening?

Turns out during the 90’s when I was really self entitled (and heavily drugged up too) Bill Clinton allowed some stupid piece of legislature to be signed into law that created an entire second class citizenry of American’s.

Who did what now? Yes that’s right, Saint Bill of the Democrats took his cigar out of Lewinsky long enough to disenfranchise an entire population of the US. Today, the Gays are trying to rectify this. Today. March 26, 2013..

Not, you know, the fucking day after this piece of shit was signed into law. Today. Just how stupid are we?

We took away some other American’s rights, arbitrarily, because, well, some people don’t like their lifestyle. Which people? Who’s the communist twinkle toed faggot who doesn’t want gays to enjoy the same rights as everyone else?

Evangelical Christians!? But why? I thought these people were died in the wool American Patriots! How can they be for some American’s having different rites than other American’s?? Yes, I know that other religions especially those who follow the guy with the red shoes in Rome have something to do with it as well, but, for the sake of this post I’m just gonna pick on the first and loudest bunch.

They don’t like it because the bible says sodomy is bad. Ok, firstly the bible is not common law in the US. Secondly, the bible says a whole bunch of other shit that doesn’t make sense, why are you choosing this particular offense over the others, say like planting crops side by side…..who knows, you guys could be missing out on a shit load of money suing the crap out of Monsanto!

But, really, I get that you don’t like them gays, and frankly I gotta tell ya, once you get to know them they’re just like you and me… of course I won’t leave the kids alone with one in house….. But I wouldn’t leave them alone with evangelical people either.

One of the things that bothers me is that we like to tell the world how tolerant we are, “Look, we just let our blacks vote and woman, oh well, they got suffrage pretty recently too, yep we’re a forward country!’ But, the truth is we’re really not. Not as one people we’re not.

The problem with being less than tolerant is we try to regulate behavior that we tend not to like. You can never regulate behavior for very long and it will almost never be successful. Show me a speed limit that majority follow. 35mph, yeah right, we’re all doing 45+ Every Single One of US! Speed limits do nothing other than try to curtail behavior  They stop no one from speeding. The same can be said for trying to regulate sodomy.

You really think because you outlaw sodomy them gays is gonna stop and be good folk and only screw members of the opposite sex? Good luck with that shit!

But, this isn’t the point. The gays aren’t a threat to you or your way of life. In anyway. Most of them prefer to be far away from you. More to the point, you can’t remove anyone’s rights and then pat yourself on the back as being a good American, you aren’t!

Anytime you remove rights from anyone you violate the principals of our country. You remove from its greatness. Sure, the argument is we must have laws to keep society together. That’s 100% fair and accurate. What isn’t, and is never acceptable as an American is to remove by any logic or create by any means a second class citizenry based upon your understanding of your faith’s rules and regulations. All those that had a part in or support this travesty should be ashamed.



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