Post the Thirty-Second “the Summer School Proxy”

In the summer of 1991 I found my self freshly in Florida for a year and having attended the brand new Omni Middle School, home then of the Diamonds, now, some other unrelated mascot.

The school was literally brand new and I was the first class to graduate from it, sorta. My class for the most part graduated, I did not. Lots of different reasons as to why, but the overriding version of was: I failed Algebra 1 legitimately, and managed to fail Science via my own stupidity, and failed History, due to teacher malfeasance.

On day one of attending Omni I noticed that the TV’s in every classroom that they played the morning announcements on (only in Boca do you find every classroom equipped with a TV in the 90’s) were of the same make and manufacture as the TV in my bedroom, with the exception of my TV being a 12 inch model and Omni’s 19. It took me about 2 minutes to realize that yep, there’s no reason not to believe that my remote will work those TV’s….

Sometimes my intelligence and lack impulse control gets the better of me.

So, I brought my remote in the very next day and promptly annoyed every single teacher I had by alternatively turning on and off every TV I encountered. Most teachers took it in stride and complimented me on my ingenuity, except one; the History teacher.

She was not amused. Not in the least. Not at all. I got promptly sent to the Dean’s office for a demerit, whatever that meant. I was not a “bad” student in NY, but here I was something of a problem for administration and teachers. I had already completed ALL of the coursework years before in NY and frankly was bored out of my skull most of the time, so I kept myself entertained, by annoying…. them.

Mrs. History wasn’t gonna stand for it. And as my behavior progressed her anger increased till she was calling my house at 6:30am looking to speak to my Dad who, really didn’t want to speak to anyone at 6:30, let alone a teacher. He knew what I was doing, knew I was bored, but, what choice did he have? Its extraordinarily difficult to get me to do anything I don’t want to do! Especially if I’m having fun! Dog with a bone…

So, because my 13 year old brain had convinced itself it was superior in everyway to Mrs. History, I decided that as long as all of my tests were A+, then clearly I knew the coursework and should not be bothered by all this homework stuff. Makes some sense, right?

And I consistently did just that, all of my tests were handed in way before the rest of the class could and I even made a game out of how much faster I could hand them in before the next fastest kid and still get them all right. yep, see how smart I am?

Knowing that I was going to fail Algebra no matter what I did and knowing that yep, I goofed science up pretty bad ( I think I went on strike and failed to do any reports…sounds like me) and also knowing that 2 failed subjects weren’t enough for summer school and that no matter what I was going to High School, I sat back contented to reap the benefits of being so damn slick!

Mrs. History knew how to fight back. She knew how to get me. She knew my blindspot better than I did. I never expected her to sink to my level and play dirty.

Final report cards go home and my Dad is quick to point out that I failed Algebra and Science as expected, but, in addition to that I had a big stinking “Did Not Finish” with regard to History with a request to contact school administration.

Not so smart now, am I?

So, Daddy calls the school and sets up a parent, teacher, admin, Corey meeting. During which Mrs. History presents the facts of the case as they were; No homework, no participation in class, and most damning……no tests were taken..

None. Not a single one is recorded.

I will to this day give credit to both the Deans that were present at the meeting and the Principal, Mr Brown, who when presented with this piece of evidence against me, quietly dismissed my Dad and I from the meeting and sent my smart ass to Loggers Run Middle School to make up the lost work.

While I was there for the first day of summer school my Dad had further meetings with Mr. Brown and the Deans. Clearly, they knew something wasn’t right, but they couldn’t find evidence of wrongdoing and I doubt they could look anyway. But, they did something that had never been done before: My Dad argued that I could pass every single Science and History test if given again, and that I could do it all under 48 hours, they set it up. Never. Ever. Been. Done.

Day two of summer school, I’m escorted from the class by a very friendly Logger’s Run Dean and dropped off in the lunchroom with what appears to be a large stack of paperwork.

“Corey, these packets are every single test you have taken last year at Omni, your Dad, the Dean’s at Omni, the Principal at Omni, and myself believe you can take, and pass every one of these in 2 days. If you do, you go to High School and most importantly, you’re out of summer school to go do whatever you like.”

Uhm what if I fail them? “Not to worry, thats not going to happen.”

So for the next day and half, only taking a break to quickly eat my lunch, I took every single test there was and passed them all. Sometimes with only a D, but I did it.

And then after spending the summer at day camp, promptly joined my friends,  at Spanish River Community High School in late august for the start of the freshman year. Where I quickly ran afoul of a few more teachers…but thats a different story!



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