Post the Thirteenth, This is the Badman’s Post

What the hell happened to music?

Seriously, what the hell happened to music?

Something named Gotye won record of the year? For what? Because his girlfriend left him and he wrote a three stanza song using no known real instruments? Buddy, my girlfriend left me for a fry cook at Beef ‘O Brady’s on Bruce B. Downs in New Tampa…..And I can play guitar! (true story)

Mumford and Sons, not to be confused with Sanford and Son, best album? For what exactly? Because they can harmonize and one member knows how to use a Jew’s harp? Big friggan deal.

What the hell happened to music?

Yeah, ok, I’m a music snob. I know. I’ve always been one. I prefer guitar over synthesizer, except when it comes to the Cars. I prefer bands who have worked their way up from nothing, writing their own tunes, playing their own way to Taylor Swift. To show you why, here’s Taylor Swift’s new single “I knew you were Trouble”. It was written, produced etc…by Max Martin and Shellback…Nay, you say! Taylor Swift wrote that!…uh, that’s a big stinking pile of no. Max Martin and Shellback are Swedes best know for producing hits such as “Baby One More Time” “I Wanna Go” from Britney, Celine Dion hits such as “who the fuck cares no one listens to her anyway” Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry and a bunch of other EuroPOP that if you’re Ami you’ve never heard of and European, heard of but were probably on a massive hit of Ecstasy and in Berlin at the time..

Uhm wow.. nicely produced, clearly heard….who am I kidding? I admit, I didn’t actually watch this… But I have heard Middle playing it through headphones, that counts…right?

* editors note, I did actually watch video after posting, it seems that although the runtime is 5:58, you have to skip forward to about 2:10 to hear the damn song…*

My point here is, Taylor Swift’s violin player is Caitlin Evanson. She’s in Taylor Swift’s touring band and frankly as far as fiddle players go, she’s not bad. Not as good as our local fiddle phenom Amber Leigh, but that’s another post. You know who wrote the song she’s singing here???? Hint…wasn’t Swedes…

Granted, its pop music, mostly harmless, but then actually so were the Beatles. Yes the holy trio of John, Paul and George. Whats that? I left out Ringo? Snob!, remember?!  The Beatles were pop, they were rock, they were hippies, hell man, whatever John thought was cool and could ply the other members with enough dope so they didn’t argue they did! But they did it their way, using their own creativity…, except the early part prior to Brain Epstein when they played everyone else’s stuff.. forgetting about that bit, they were their own. Don’t agree? Ok then, explain ELO? Jeff Lynne still wishes he was George! Uh, later on in the 80’s you have Tears for Fears emulating Sgt. Pepper with “The Seeds of Love”. Actually one of my favorite albums that one is. Worth many repeated listenings, if only for Oletta Adams fantastic singing…

You know what, I haven’t the foggiest idea where I was going with this other than to say I miss when music mattered. I miss hearing a new song from a band and getting carried away by it, obsessing over it. Listening to every nuance, hearing for the first time there is a Hammond B3 organ playing on the left track of Gimme Some Loving or did you hear David Gilmour just cough on Wish You were Here?… Hell, just hearing the bass line from Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream” still gives me goose bumps,…

Oh right, that’s my point! I can’t imagine Sanford and…damn it, Mumford and Sons doing the same for me or for anyone else, frankly….where the hell did the talent go???

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