Post the Sixth, Take out the Trash Day

We all have our little faults, mine’s in California – Lex Luther

So I started this endeavor with a few hundred ideas on what I could write that would be witty, interesting, and fun. Forgetting as I often do, that my writing has always been manic. One day I can write ten thousand words in one sitting others I can barely type out my own name. Today is of course one of the latter.

So when faced with this debacle there is only one thing that has ever worked for me, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is right now.

So I close off this week and bid you all adieu, happy weekend, enjoy your Friday night dinners. For those that worship have a pleasant service, for those that don’t, enjoy your sleep. For those playing sports past their prime, break a leg, for those watching the game(s) on TV remember “its just a game”. For those taking the kids out to the park, have a sunny day, for those taking the kids to the movies, enjoy the rain.

In short, strive for happiness. Failing that, rent it for while with an option…

Corey Kleiman, October 12th 2012

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