Post the Second or a Repose on Introductions


“On the infrequent occasions when I have been called upon in a formal place to play the bongo drums, the introducer never seems to find it necessary to mention that I also do theoretical physics”  —Richard Feynman

I’ve been introduced as many different things in my life. My grandmother was very fond of saying “this is my Grandson, he’s in University” when I was junior college (and not a very good one)! I’ve been presented a a child of divorce “Well, its not his fault, his parents are divorced”. A few times as “Oh him? Yeah, only child he was!” When I’m in New York, its “look he’s so Southern!” in Florida its “oh my, he’s not Southern enough!” Stopping by my Dad’s office I always get the feeling of “oh, look, its the boss’s idiot son!”.When I’m infrequently in Germany I’m presented as “Susi’s Ami”. I’m actually somewhat OK with that one :). 
What I find interesting though is how rarely I’m referred to as a father. I am all of those things above, but none of them matter to me as much as Father does. 
Why is that you tend to be remembered for those less important things and not the bigger ones?

7 thoughts on “Post the Second or a Repose on Introductions

  1. Hi, Corey! I read Susi’s blog and I saw her post about your new blog on her Facebook page. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I like men’s blogs. Men tend to be very thoughtful and already you’ve got me thinking. I can’t answer your question but it does seem that it’s human nature to miss the mark a lot of the time.

    I also am a child of the 80s, a child of (multiple) divorces… so already we have some things in common! I look forward to more posts. You have a lovely family!!

    • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for checking me out! Yes, it seems we have quite a few things in common!

      The question itself is un-answerable in a simple way. However I can venture some guesses. In our culture men are generally relegated to either be sports obsessed neolithic jerks or as seen more frequently on TV; inept, slightly dull, definitely incompetent, co dependent on their wives but well meaning knuckleheads.

      Because of this, when my children are complimented on their behavior, almost everyone tells my wife she’s done a great job. (she has, but she’s not the only parent here!). Almost like I couldn’t have possibly had anything to do with it! 🙂

    • Well, that depends. It depends on what you’re remembered for. Here’s an example: I’ve built PCs for years. Am I remembered as “Corey the computer builder”? No. I’ve been a beta tester for hundreds of different companies and probably a good thousand products. Am I remembered as “Corey the product tester”? No. But, you date just one guy……… 🙂

  2. Hi Corey! Susi is a good bloggy friend of mine! Saw her Facebook post about your blog, so here I am!

    It’s interesting that you pointed that out because it’s totally opposite of what us moms go through. People seem to only see us as a mother regardless of what background or numerous talents and degrees we hold! Motherhood is definitely the most important, but it would be nice to sometimes be recognized for other things too, you know?

    • Hi Janice! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new blog! I had actually intended that post to be slightly more comedic in value, but it looks as though I’ve actually hit upon something there.

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