Post the Ninth, Mr Kleiman goes to the Polls

Many Americans thoroughly believe certain fallacies about their government – Corey Kleiman

I’m always a little astounded by this. How can this country be full of such ignorant dolts? How did we get here?

How did we go from the “the right to pursue happiness” to the “right of government to secure and supply happiness”?

At which point did we as a nation decide to infringe upon the rights of others?

Part I “Stupid is as stupid does”

I’ve read a lot of rhetoric leading up to this election. A lot of it made me mad. A lot of it was ignorant, racist, homophobic BS. Some of it even had a valid point, though it was poorly packaged with more ignorance. I want to take a moment here to show some of the ignorance I’ve been exposed to the past few years leading up to November 6 of this year (stay with me I’m getting to a point sometime soon!).

Lets start off with the President, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. Now of course you’ve noticed that I capitalized the President’s middle name. This is important to show that he has a middle name. I have a middle name too, though rarely do my friends refer to me as Corey LEIGH Kleiman. Sometimes I’ve seen the President referred to as Oblaba, Ombaba, Olababa and other assorted nonsense. Please, fellow unwashed masses, can we agree that if we’re going to misspell the President’s name that we all misspell it the same way?

There also seems to be a thought process that the President perpetrated a fraud on the American public. It seems that maybe the President wasn’t born here and yet somehow committed a massive conspiracy involving thousands of people, local, state, and some of the Federal Government to get himself elected to the highest office in the land spanning some 40 years? To quote Mr Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemount High “What are you people? On dope!?” Does that guy currently sitting in the oval office, the same guy that seemingly couldn’t beat Mitt Romney without a teleprompter, appear that smart to you? Really?

The President thus far has been almost totally ineffectual in his governance. Most of his proposed ideas have been shot down or overturned in committee. This Obamacare non-sense? Firstly its wrong to call it that, its really ClintonCare (yes its been around since 1992), and my dear friends, for the most part it saves you money and might help keep you ignorant dolts a little healthier, longer. And by the way, don’t think I failed to notice the same people that heartily decry the loss of freedoms from ObamaCare are also the same that heartily agreed to the Patriot Act.

Part II “Presidential Non-entities”

Lets not confuse the issues here; I will not vote for the President.

The current President by and large has done nothing to personally offend me. Business wise though he’s done everything in his considerable power to destroy me. I buy and sell distressed properties and this President has personally had his hands in my cookie jar. He has regulated what I can and can not buy. He has made entire sectors of my business non-profitable due to direct interference with the courts. If anything can be said I’m sure that George III is smiling happily in his grave. Frankly, he’s been a royal pain in my ass and I will not be voting for him. I can not tolerate another 4 years of his policies.

Governor Mitt Romney. I don’t know who this guy is. He hasn’t made any impression on me at all and its hard to pay attention to anything the current Republicans say because they’re too busy muckracking. All I know is the “Republicans are the party that says Government doesn’t work and then get elected to prove it”.*

I do know that by and large the Republican party members aren’t fond of woman’s rights, (abortion), gay rights (which I’m not sure I understand why the fagelas should have different rights from anyone else, I’m pretty sure the Declaration of Independence did not state “All men are created equal, except the gays, because, erm, well, God hates them).

Part III “My God is better than your God”
Now that I brought up God, now is a good time to revisit the rhetoric, I’ve also heard of a supposed “war on Christianity”. Really? Can I ask? What was casus belli? Who are the combatants? Where exactly is this war being fought? If your argument is school prayer, then my friend I’m all for it, shall we be reading from the Talmud or the Koran today? Oh? Thats not what you meant? You meant the King James Bible otherwise your rights are being infringed…righty right. 
There’s also a lot of muckracking going on as to whether or not the President is a Muslim, as though that’s a bad thing. Listen, I don’t judge one way or the other when it comes to religion. I figure all are constructs of man and as such are corruptible. So, I don’t really care if the man is Muslim or Mormon for that matter.
Now, I’m not here to debate which religion is less wrong than the other. I will say that as whole, American’s have bigger issues than school prayer or which God is better than the other. We’re fighting a war in Afghanistan and while I haven’t heard that we’re loosing I’ve also not heard that we’re wining. We have troops all over the Middle East and now a good percentage of Northern Africa as well. Are these issue bigger than whether or not there is a Christian School prayer, um, you bet!
I’ve run out of steam and probably alienated the last 3 or 4 friends I have left so I’ll be taking this as break time. I look forward to your comments as I’m sure there will be some lively disagreements with my point of view.

Edited 11:33, 19oct12:

I wanted to add in a little thing I was thinking about while reviewing this post. In 1980, then Candidate Ronald Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter by asking one simple question:

“Are you better off today then you were four years ago?”

Why don’t we ask ourselves that more often when choosing a President?

*excerpt from P.J. O’Rourke Parliament of Whores, 1991

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