Post the Fifth or Care and Feeding Instructions for your Nerd


nerd/nərd/ Noun:

 A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: “one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance”. 

 An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession. 

 I tend to gravitate toward the latter definition, though certainly the first is probably accurate as well. It comes from time to time that someone makes the quite silly mistake of when referring to a nerd they mistakenly say GEEK.

I’m am not a geek. A geek is person who heartily embraces newer ideas, technology, or hobbies. A geek is the first in line at the Apple store for whatever iCrap they are peddling this week. A geek worships at the alter of whatever brand / technology they have come to believe in. There is nothing wrong with being a geek, but please, don’t mistake the two! A geek watches Star Wars, even the new ones…

My adoption of technology is a very long drawn out process. It includes testing, more testing, and testing some more until I understand every nuanced bit of what is presented to me. In short; it must work, period. I and other nerds like me, don’t care for a brand. We have zero brand loyalty when choosing a product. It must work, it must fill a need, and most importantly be accessible. I don’t care much for packaging. I don’t care if the case is Frost White, or that it has black leather straps, or that its fashionable. As a matter of fact if it is fashionable, I’ve probably already discounted the device as being lessor technology. If the case was made from Kevlar or Carbon Fibre and is described as indestructible you now have my attention! Function over form always wins the day with a nerd. A Nerd watches Star Trek, just not that Voyager crap or the JJ Abrams lens flare movie. (No, I still haven’t figured out how iKirk and iSpock got to the same planet, same hemisphere, within walking distance of each other).

As you’ve probably now figured out, I do not worship at the big, shiny, white alter of Apple, Inc. I do not appreciate the idea that if I buy something, its really not mine. Ever try to take your iTunes and migrate it to anything else? Then you know what I’m saying.  A geek happily gives that control to Apple because, erm, ah, well, it works, and its the new hotness. Me, I’d rather be able to do what I like with my stuff. Modify, enhance, change for my usage. And then pity the iSheep….:)

No I don’t really pity you, …..can I try your iPhone out when you have a sec?

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