Oh what the hell! I’m back and I’ve got a review!

Yes, I know, make up your mind already! I took all this social media stuff offline because I didn’t think it fit in with the profile of the business I’m doing. But, I figured out a way to separate the two, so whatever!

First order of bidness: My friend Hilary wrote a book: here’s my review;

“Hello, My name is Corey Kleiman, and I’m in this book. Certainly a throw away line at best, but, in the coming years if you buy this book there will be more books written by the author, some might include me, Corey Kleiman. You may ask yourself why should I support more books about Corey Kleiman? That’s a good question. Sure there are other positive outlets to read about Corey Kleiman but no others contain a love story. A love story not about Corey Kleiman, but it remains a touching and heartfelt work by a person lucky enough to know Corey Kleiman. You may be thinking: “I wonder what Corey thinks about this “Dangled Carrot” thing and how does it effect Corey?”  Well, I like to think we’re entering a new period for me, Corey Kleiman, one that I like to call the Published Decade and in the Published Decade you will assuredly be asking “why am I not seeing more of Corey Kleiman?”. “
In the book “Dangled Carrot”, which is only the first wave of the coming Published Decade, you follow the story of two people, on their journey from being single to being married. But for you, you’ll be thinking “I wonder what Corey’s story is in all this?”. Well, had it not been for a slip of the tongue at a Holiday dinner, the author could have become Grandmother to Corey Kleiman’s children. Corey, you sly dog! A Grandmother who is only four years older than you? Yes, its true and she looks good in a bikini too. 
Of course, in his defense, the husband in the book, “Dangled Carrot” having known me, Corey Kleiman, since before birth, endeavored to find the appropriate bride in order to tell the story of how the author almost became an “instant Grandmother” to my three children. Taking enough time as was appropriate and then adding nearly half a decade to his work, certainly to be sure, that the future bride would be pleasing to me, Corey Kleiman. 
In closing, “Dangled Carrot” is a first rate read. Quick, endearing, and full of warmth, love, and procrastination. That’s what I think. I’m Corey Kleiman.
Ok!! Review done and out of the way!
So how the hell are all you people anyway? I missed some of you!
Second order of business, the wife made me buy her an iStupid device, I’ll be bitching about that in my next post!
Stay tuned for “iPhone 5s or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the iHerd”, next time on Corey’s Views

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