Corey’s Reviews: The Melting Pot, Boca Raton


Been coming to this location since the early 90’s! Nothing compares to it. The waitstaff are always professional, knowledgeable and most important; friendly! Absolutely love taking my kids here for a special treat and even better taking the wife for a special evening! We love cooking in Coq au Vin style and of course the cheese course is to die for! Ckleiman on

A few weeks ago I took the family down to one of my favorite places in Boca to have a truly unique meal. Lets face it, there simply isn’t any thing else out there with the coolness factor that the Melting Pot has. I’ve been coming to this location off and on since moving to Florida in the early 90’s. Not too much has changed internally since then. Yes, they did away with the old gas burners table side and yes the wine bottle light fixtures are gone, but, don’t let that fool you. This is a 100% Grade A throwback to the 70’s! Its dark inside, not movie theater dark, but just a shade up from it! Its wood paneled throughout, and not the Oaky crap you see in the local steakhouses but, the nice, soft, comforting, wood tones so prevalent in the disco era. And that’s a good thing!

The Meal:

We have all of us very unique and developed pallets which sounds good until you are forced into group ordering! The Melting Pot has a hugeish selection of menu items, but, its slightly misleading. There is a finite amount of ways to cook your proteins, and only so much can be radically altered in which to produce different tastes once cooked. So if you have a piece of Tenderloin (pork or beef) its not going to taste radically different if its seasoned with whatever, because you’re going to cook it in the same pot of boiling whatever! More on this later…

Cheese course:

My family loves its cheese! On this day we chose the Wisconsin Trio consisting of Butterkase, Fontina, and Blu Cheese with scallions and white wine added in to add to the base. The usual breads and fresh hard veggies accompany the cheese and predictably it didn’t last long enough and as usual once gone, I thought to myself “maybe I should just order two of the cheese courses and skip the dinner portion entirely….”. As I said before…my family loves its cheese!


I love the salads here, usually. Both the California and the House salads are out of this world. But, strangely, they have a misfire on their hands with the Spinach Mushroom salad. Its not that the salad is bad per se, but, I’m not hot on the warmed Burgundy Shallot dressing. Frankly it was acidic enough to burn my tongue a bit..

Meat course:

Yes I know, they serve this course with some veggies, but really, who cares? We always opt for Coq Au Vin style cooking broth. Burgundy rich and spiced up wonderfully, the smell of it alone is enough to keep you coming back. As for the meats, yep, all good. Nothing to really report. You’re doing the cooking, you’re timing how done you want the protein. This is why I say the menu is misleading…ultimately beef is going to taste beefy, fish will take on whatever the flavor of the cooking liquid is and chicken? Tastes like chicken!

The Dessert:

….and now we come to the real reason to fondue: melted warm dark chocolate with Grand Marnier. I don’t normally eat dessert courses anywhere. I do here though! Rich and indulgent it simply doesn’t get any better!


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