Corey’s Reviews: Fender Standard Stratocaster®, HSS Electric Guitar, Brown Sunburst, Maple Fretboard

Fender HSS Stratocaster

For a while now I’ve playing solid body electrics by Epiphone, I have a  SG in Cherry and a Les Paul Standard in Cherry Sunburst  that have really been my main axes for years. But, as my friends and my long suffering wife know, I have a tendency to, ahem, collect guitars…

I’ve been wanting a Strat for some time as firstly; they have a very unique and satisfying sound that just can’t be reproduced on a LP/ SG, yeah, I know, no duh…!  But, really the case with me is that I have smallish hands and the necks on the LP/ SG are just a little bit harder for me to play.

A few weeks ago while browsing through our local Guitar Center in Coconut Creek, I picked up a mexican Strat on a whim and plugged into the nearest VOX VT series amplifier I could find. As a side note, I always try to find the amp closest to to what I play at home in terms of wattage and speaker and fortunately for me, Guitar Center always seems to have a few Vox’s on the sales floor. And commenced to playing the usual “test out songs” on the guitar and of course I won’t tell you what they are because I’ll just be dating myself and there’s an unspoken rule that as long as it isn’t Stairway, its fine!

Now, I had always heard that the Mexican made Fenders are of a substandard quality, its just an age old thing that frankly, I never bothered to verify. Let me tell you first hand, ain’t none of that stuff true! The fit and finish is every bit as good as the next model up, the American Standard, and actually I felt that the finish on the neck of  the Mexican Strat was just a bit slicker! And the neck to me is usually all important, again, smallish hands…

On this Strat, the pickups are in the Humbucker/Single/Single setup and they do a very good job of getting all the tone they can out of the solid Alder body. Am I going to change them out? Yeah probably, but then again, who keeps stock pickups?

The body is matched with a very nice maple neck and it’s as slick and easy to play as anything. My colour tastes always tend to run to ‘burst in some form or another and this one was no exception to the rule in a very nice brownish Tobacco Burst, however, the usual Fender colour choices are present as well.

Fender topped off the guitar with a nice 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo, and that sealed the deal for me! And surprisingly, the Bocafrau, my wife and number one groupie, instantly gave approval to purchase and take her home! I’ve been playing my new Fender for a little under two months now almost exclusively much to my poor old Epiphone’s dismay…don’t worry girls, she means nothing to me….Its just a phase!

Should you find yourself in the market, I helpfully added a link to purchase the same Fender as I have on and of course you can knock yourself out with modifying the colours and pickup configuration! Should you do grab one, let me know what you think!

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