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corey lesCorey Kleiman


Male, 36 years old, Married, with 3 children.

Resident of Boca Raton Fl, a wholly owned subdivision of the Five Towns, NY


How did all of this happen?


In June of 1990 Corey was asked to remove himself from his residence. This request came from his Mother. Deep down he knew he would never return to his childhood home. With no where else to go he arrived at the Florida doorstep of his father. Several years earlier Corey’s mother had thrown him out too, requesting that he never return. Can a Father and son share the same space in Florida and not drive each other nuts?

Well, that happened 22 years ago. Since then I’ve flown small airplanes, got a motorcycle license before my drivers license. I was an avid scuba diver before I got bored with it, and in my teens I was a very highly ranked pistol shooter. In 1996 I Moved to Tampa Bay to chase a girl. In 1998 I Moved back to Boca Raton minus the girl, thankfully. Worked at MCI, Inc, IBM, Siemens  and a half dozen other tech firms.


Then in January of 2000 I met my future wife (BocaFrau) while working at Loan Shark company. I took her out for a very expensive and lavish dinner at the local Denny’s and for whatever reason she’s still with me. Three kids, a citizenship for my wife and few more assorted jobs and companies I’ve owned and here I am today.


As for friends I’ve got a fairly diverse cast of characters, my wife’s uncle is fond of saying “Corey knows everyone, everywhere”. Which is good because I’d have almost no way of proving I’ve done the stupid stuff I’ve done throughout my life!

Interested in what my rules of the views are? I wrote a post about it and the link is here: The Service of Terms


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